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Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy Wed. May 19th at 7 p.m.

Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy hosted by C.R. Douglas

There is an exciting conversation about marijuana in our state. Be part of it by tuning in and logging on, Wed. May 19 at 7 p.m. With online polling, facebook and email, your thoughts will be heard. Or get a free ticket and participate in person.

During this year’s legislative session, elected officials introduced bills both to legalize and decriminalize pot. None were passed. Signature gathering is underway for a citizen’s initiative (I-1068) that would allow the adult possession, cultivation and use - medical or otherwise - of marijuana. How do you think we should regulate marijuana? Will you sign the initiative?

Using cutting edge technology both the studio and online audience will participate in real-time conversation using people meters, testimonials, email and social media including Twitter and Facebook. To stimulate this discussion, we’ve invited special guests including an anti-drug crusader who lost his son to an overdose (it's impossible to overdose from marijuana), passionate marijuana activists, City and State lawmakers and more. SEATTLE CHANNEL’s dynamic public affairs host C.R. Douglas will lead the lively exchanges.

Free tickets at Brown Paper Tickets
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