msdevilpuppy (devilpuppy) wrote in seattle_events,

This Sunday is Fifth Column!!!


Come on, who doesn't love a little gourd carving action?! See you there!

Our New Disclaimer

You will notice that all promotions for our establishment now say "Liquor sales to members only." at the bottom where the "Private club for members and their guests." used to be.

That is the new disclaimer that the WSLCB is requiring us to put on all promotions now, as they want to make sure that the general public understands that we are a private club and do not serve spirits to the public like non-private night clubs and bars do.

Your visitors will still be able to enjoy our hospitality, as long as they are invited,escorted and signed into our establishment by a member, which has not changed.

Weeknights will continue to be run by our member promoters who will continue to host visitors, which also has not changed.
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